Progress pic.

Progress pic.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Warm up - Stationary bike for 10 minutes.

1. Leg extensions

15kg x 15
30kg 2 x 12
50kg 2 x 8

2. Straight leg deads

Bar x 20
40kg x 15
60kg x 12
100kg x 8 followed by dropset to 60kg x 10

3. Front squat machine

1 plate x 15
2 plates 2 x 12
3 plates 2 x 6

4. Single leg hamstring curls

10kg 4 x 12 each leg

5. Db lunges

25kg x 20 each leg

Felt a bit shitty this workout so stayed light and concentrated on form and making every rep count so I could get out quicker. Still a good, productive work out though!


  1. Good stuff bro...I did legs today but def didnt stay light and am now immobilzed lol

  2. Did legs today, I hate doing legs, boring workouts are boring, but dont want to be top heavy and look like a douche so keep trekking.

    Pls follow my blog in return. Thanks